Business Bankruptcy


Many Small Business owners who are faced with serious debt problems and the pressures of the challenging economy have considered a business bankruptcy.    Gillman & Gillman LLC have been representing Small Businesses and their owners in New Jersey business bankruptcy and other proceedings since 1981.  Whether the business debt problems are a single creditor suing you and the business in a lawsuit or a pile of accumulated debt, it is important to consult with an experienced New Jersey business bankruptcy attorney to learn your rights and review all of your options to protect you and your small business.

When we meet with a Small Business client facing mounting debt and considering a New Jersey business bankruptcy, we review all of their options, including:

CAUTION:   In our experience, one of the most common errors we see our Small Business clients make is waiting to consult an attorney experienced in small business debt issues.    Small business owners assume that they don’t need to consult an attorney until things are “much worse” or feel that attorneys who are experienced in Small Business Debt will force them to close or cost too much.    We have assisted many Small Business owners in all stages of business debt and believe that it is never “too early” to consult an experienced attorney to know your rights, options, and to be able to make the best business decisions.   Your creditors have attorneys.   Small business owners need one too.

The information set forth above is not legal advice which can be provided to you only after a full review and evaluation by an attorney of your particular circumstances and the remedies which may be available.