Case Histories


The first most important and difficult decision those who are experiencing serious debt problems must make is choosing an lawyer to represent them.   We are expert New Jersey bankruptcy, foreclosure and debt management lawyers who, for over three decades, we have represented consumer and small business debtors. Summarized below are the evaluations of clients we recently represented who and subsequently referred others experiencing serious debt problems to our firm.

 “Attorneys offer advice on a limitless range of matters. Clients rely on them not only for legal advice but also for emotional support, financial guidance and common sense.” Trenta v. Gay, 191 N.J. Super. 617, 621 (Ch.Div. 1983)


New Jersey Bankruptcy Client with Credit Card Debt & Creditor Harassment:

” Due to ballooning payments. I could not keep up with bills and started to fall behind…Mr. Gillman was very knowledgeable regarding the laws and his experience made us have faith.

“I would recommend Gillman and Gillman because I benefited from their service because I was recommended to them by a friend.”

New Jersey Business Owner and Bankruptcy Client: 

“Lost small business because of 9/11 and as a result experienced Creditor Harassment, Credit Card Debt, Wage Garnishment…I am so grateful for what they did for me. They have given me a 2nd chance in life. I now have peace of mind. And I am starting my road back to financial stability.  I can never thank them enough.”

Q:  Would You Recommend Gillman & Gillman to Others With Debt Problems?

” Yes. They do a great job from beginning to end”.

New Jersey Foreclosure Client

“My husband was unemployed which caused us to fall behind on our debts payments…My attorney was always prepared and the staff conducted themselves in a very professional manner……Whenever I had a question, someone was on hand to answer it for me. … Before retaining Gillman & Gillman, we consulted another lawyer and it was a disaster.

Would You Recommend Gillman & Gillman to Others With Debt Problems: “Yes I would and I have.”

New Jersey Client with Foreclosure and Credit Card Debt

“Had a sub-prime mortgage and the reduced value of the property and mortgage interest and fees… I went to another firm before retaining Gillman & Gillman.”

Q. At the time of you retained Gillman & Gillman, LLC, did you receive complete and understandable answers to all your questions and clear legal advice about the legal remedies available to you and treated in a professional and courteous manner

A. Yes

Q. Were you fully informed about the documents and information you were required to provide to the United States Trustee and the Court.

A. Yes

Q. Was your attorney fully prepared at the time of his appearance(s) on your behalf?

A. Yes

Q. Would you recommend that someone experiencing serious debt problems retain the services of Gillman & Gillman, LLC.

A. Yes.

New Jersey Bankruptcy Client with Credit Card Debt Caused by Marital Difficulties

Client was facing Credit Card Debt and Creditor Harassment Due to Reduced Income as a result of marital difficulties.   Through representation, Client filed for a Fresh Start Chapter 7 Consumer Debtor Bankruptcy and received a Discharge and Notification to Creditors to Cease Collection Activities.

Evaluation:   “Courteous & Professional”

Q, Have you benefitted from representation by Gillman & Gillman

“Yes I have I am now debt and stress free.”

Q.  Would You Recommend Gillman & Gillman to Others With Debt Problems

A. Yes, of course!

If you are experiencing serious debt problems it is in your interest to retain an attorney to represent you as promptly as possible to learn the legal remedies available to you. The course of action you take can effect you for many years to come. The wisdom expressed by our Courts when considering the importance of legal representation in connection with a real estate transaction is no less true of those experiencing serious debt problems.