Justin Gillman was direct, honest and quite knowledgeable. His staff was always polite and helpful. Although the process of going bankrupt was something I felt would be painful and demeaning, Justin made the process quite the opposite. I could have gone to another Attorney but now, having gone through it with Justin Gillman as my attorney, I know the right choice was made. The timeline given was exactly what I was told it would be. In fact, there were no surprises. If anyone finds themselves in the unenviable position of having to file for bankruptcy, I highly recommend Gillman and Gillman. I truly got more than my money 's worth.
I highly recommend Gillman and Gillman. I truly got more than my money’s worth. Michael, Client

If anyone finds themselves in the unenviable position of having to file for bankruptcy, I highly recommend Gillman and Gillman. I truly got more than my money's worth.
Michael, Client

“We would like to thank you and your staff in handling our case.  The professionalism and smooth transaction exhibited by you and your firm made it easier on the hardship we were experiencing.  You made it possible for our lives to go on and we’re very grateful. We’re now on the road to hopefully recovering from this difficult time and wanted to take time to say thank you very much.  Now we and our children have a new beginning and are looking forward to a brighter future ahead.”
Foreclosure Client

My husband and I have been clients of Justin for approximately 9 years. He has always given us the best possible advice, took time to explain everything in a way that was clearly understandable to non professionals and never, never failed to return my calls or emails, even though I could be considered a little crazy and annoying at times. I would highly recommend him and his entire staff.

Thank you Justin, I will always be greatful to you for all your help!
Great lawyer!: Sue, New Jersey Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Client

Working with Justin and his team on my Bankruptcy Chapter 7 was done efficiently and accurately. Clear communication via email and phone, as well as, in person was done in a timely manner. I was very satisfied with Justin's knowledge, experience and sound advice. This process was started and completed within two months. I highly recommend Justin's service.

Susan, Chapter 7 Client
Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable

I chose to retain Mr. Gillman, right after our first meeting---he took a very complicated real estate situation and broke it down so i could understand what i had to do to reach a resolution, he and his staff were always available ----as a matter of fact they have been available to me very recently---i couldn't be more satisfied, with their entire operation.

Bankruptcy and Real Estate Nightmare!

"Mr. Gillman was very knowledgeable regarding the laws and his experience made us have faith in his representing us."
Evelyn, Client

"I honestly can say that it was a very good experience for me retaining you. You made the entire process painless, and thank you for that."
Ketly, Client

"Not only are we debt free, it was explained to us how to stay debt free!"
Shaun & Kelly, Clients

"We are so happy we hired Gillman & Gillman to represent us. They are professional and we would recommend them highly"
Leslie & Barry, Clients

" There is so much relief in my life now. And now I have the chance to start a new beginning. Thank you!"
Vinny, Client

"Special thanks to Justin and his wonderful staff. You made a difficult time bearable and you are appreciated."
Marion, Client

"They have given me a 2nd chance in life. I now have peace of mind and i am starting my road back to financial stability. I can never thank them enough."
Robert, Client

"I certainly would recommend Gillman & Gillman, they made this terrible time in our lives a little easier. Very honest, no surprises."
Janice & Manuel, Clients